Evoluzioni Tecnologiche

Evoluzioni supports large and medium-sized Italian and international companies, offering them high value-added consultancy in the field of industrial automation.

It provides its services both to machine manufacturers and end companies operating in the food industry (Food & Beverage), packaging, amusement parks, chemical, pharmaceutical and in sectors where automation is required.

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  • Design of wiring diagrams
  • Electrical PC/PLC software design
  • Electrical panels implementation
  • Start-up and testing
  • Development of supervisory systems
  • Software updates
  • Industrial robotics
  • Plant maintenance assistance
  • Revamping

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Strengths of Evoluzioni? The People

Seriousness and professionalism, respect and affection characterise the company’s team, which includes expert collaborators involving programmer technicians, software designers and electrical designers, able to respond to the most sophisticated of requests and, above all, to quickly cover interventions and installations on customer premises all over the world (Europe, the Americas, etc).

Choosing the evolution that makes the difference



Our corporate mission is to maintain high quality standards throughout the entire working process.



Our technicians have years of study and training in the field and specialise in different areas of expertise.



We use the most innovative technological systems and latest generation materials for a top of the range service.



Thanks to the technical skills, materials used and company policies we guarantee functionality and efficiency in our work.


Experience came to life within a company that developed software and hardware for various sectors, commissioned by small engineering companies located in the areas of Parma and Reggio Emilia.

In 2004, ET Srl Evoluzioni Tecnologiche was founded, which continued in the field of Packaging (complete filling/packaging lines, transport and palletising loose and packaged products) and in Food Industry (Food & Beverage), serving more important and professionally structured companies. Over time, our company has expanded its experience in the sectors of Cosmetics, Pharmaceuticals, Amusement Park Attractions, Timber, Industrial Prints, Textiles, Metallurgy and Ceramics.

To date, after almost 30 years of experience and success
it can boast of a very respectable curriculum

Organisation of Evoluzioni

Flexibility, operability, efficiency and mutual knowledge are the basis of our success. Our Team follows the Customer in the project phases from the beginning to the complete development;
from the study to the realisation of the orders, to the start-up at the final customer’s.

The equipment and Software versions used by Evoluzioni are subject to continuous upgrading to best meet customer innovation needs.

Evoluzioni is based in Cavriago in the heart of precision mechanics, in one of the biggest districts for the production of mechines and systems for processing and packaging.